Thunder Bay Beekeepers' Association Newsletter - April 2009

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Buying & Selling

The following Beekeepers, offering to sell nucs and queens have Selling Permits – this means during 2008 our two local Bee Inspectors have visited their apiary checking for varroa & trachea mites.


(alphabetical ORDER )
  • Rudy Kuchta 684-9028 2360 Oliver Road
  • Jeanette Momot 939-1233 RR6 Highway 130
  • Betty Ann Paradis 473-8202 RR1 Highway 608
  • Bob Slusar 939-2995 181 - 22nd Side Road
  • Curly Wojtalik 977-1090 RR1 Pass Lake

For new beekeepers-Buying

Come to the meetings and learn about getting started, meet other bee keepers, where to get equipment, what you can expect to pay, pricing, etc.

TBBA T-Shirts

Freshen up your spring wardrobe. Let friends, neighbours and even complete strangers know that you keep bees. Still a few bright yellow t-shirts with TBBA logo on the front & 'worker bee' on the back. Nine still available and will be at the April meeting.. Reasonably priced at-cost $15.

  • 1 med
  • 6 large
  • 2 X large

American Beekeeper Magazines

Will be bound by year and available for reference at Brodie St. Reference Library. This magazine is a powerful resource for those looking for the current state of bee science & practice.

Featured Articles

  • Want Honey? Open a grocery store for the bees.

    Like most species on this earth, bees love flowers, and, it would be safe to say that flowers love bees; after all, who else pays such intimate attention to them? Since humans love the products which bees freely give us, it only stands to reason that we would do whatever it takes to encourage them... Read More

  • Chalk Brood

    Across the entrance is a series of light to dark grey pupae, like white little mummies. This is 'chalk brood' a fungal infection of the larvae & pupae.   Read More

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