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The TBBA is an association interested in HONEY BEES which are a small non-native bee who are housed in hives specifically for the procurement of honey.
They are not the same as bumbles bees or mason bees. And for sure they are different from predators such as wasps, Hornets. Yellowjackets etc Before you ask for our help with "bees", please make sure what is pestering you are HONEYBEES.
Our bees might swarm in May or June; what you are noticing this time of year, are not honey bee swarms. It is too late in the season.
Likely what you have is a queen bumblebee who has spent the last few months laying eggs until her numbers are sufficient for you to notice. Wasps, etc are the same story.
We can't help you with bumble bees or wasps and any other yellow/black, flying, stinging insect.
Sorry — They just aren't our thing.
There is lots of information on the web to deal with bumblebees who have nested under your sidewalk or wherever. (Bumblebees are pollinators, only one of which will overwinter. If you can live with them for the remainder of the summer they will die off in winter.) The wasps and their kin, building paper nests in your eaves, or garage or patio umbrella etc. are another story and an exterminator can help with them.
Please don't post or email requests for our help with these other insects — they are not our area of expertise.

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