Looking for local honey? Email the Association and we'll send you a list of beekeepers who have honey available.

From time to time, the Thunder Bay Beekeepers' Association participates in events of interest to Beekeepers.

Here is a list of upcoming events in the area.

Is your honey the best?

Join us at the fair for an old-fashioned competition!

Exhibiting & Judging Only: Saturday, September 2th

Visitor Days: Sunday, September 3th, 9am to 6pm
Labour Day, September 4th, 9am to 5pm



Item #


M–2 Homemade Wine


TBBA Cash award for Mead

H–Dairy & Domestics


TBBA Cash Award for Liquid honey, one 250 mL jar

H–Dairy & Domestics


TBBA Cash Award for Cut Comb Honey, one container between 200-255 g (7-9 oz)

H–Dairy & Domestics


TBBA Cash Award for Granulated (Creamed) Honey, 1 jar/container

PS–Junior Posters and Projects


A project based on any one type of agriculture eg: beekeeping. May be a chart, diagram, free standing, etc. Not to exceed 60 cm.

Prize for 3 winners in grades 1-3 and 3 winners in Graes 4-8



An education display based on locally grown or produced product (e.g. honey) Include original product, production info, marketing techniques as well as sample of foods and other articles prepared from the original product (wax?)


Please refer to the Hymers Fall Fair Prize list available in print or online( www.hymersfair.com) for a full description and the rules for competing.

maycourse (111K)

Next Meeting:

March 8th Kakabeka Legion
Join us at 6:30 for social time. The Legion kitchen & bar will be open.
7 pm: The Annual meeting and election of officers.
Education will include:
  • What to look for when opening your hive (what looks right and what doesn't)
  • A review of how to use a vaporizer
The meeting agenda is posted on the members only page

Next Meeting:

Tuesday, May 10th Kakabeka Legion
Join us at 6:30 for social time. The Legion kitchen & bar will be open.
7 pm: Regular meeting.

Next Meeting:

July Workshop
Date: TBA

Next Meeting:

Tuesday, September 6th Kakabeka Legion
Join us at 6:30 for social time in the main hall. Legion kitchen is open!
7 p.m. the meeting will include discussion about this year's experiences in the bee yard and anything of interest to you!

Next Meeting:

Tuesday, November 8th Kakabeka Legion
Join us at 6:30 for social time. The Legion kitchen & bar will be open.
7 pm: Regular meeting.

Thinking about getting started in beekeeping?

The following links from the Ontario Beekeeping Association may provide some useful information.
Where do I buy bees? — refer to the classified tab on this website!
Buy local bees and protect our area from Varroa mite infestation.

Just for fun
watch More Than Honey: Queen Honeybee Mating Flight

Your Association Executive for 2017:


    Discussions about beekeeping in the Thunder Bay area happen on the Thunder Bay Beekeepers' Association facebook page. It's a venue that we don't have to pay for! Since we only have 4 meetings a year, we use facebook to chat regularly about our bees. It is a great option for people learning about beekeeping, as there are a number of experienced beekeepers who are willing to share their knowledge. As well, it's just a great place to see what other beekeepers are doing in their yards and sharing information that might be helpful to you. read more...

    Join us on facebookJoin us on facebook and get to know first about our events, news and outings. This is where the beekeeping discussions are happening between meetings! Read the latest buzz - enjoy!
    Join the Thunder Bay Beekeepers' Association group at: www.facebook.com


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